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Impresario 2009

After 6000 years, DillyDallyDude finally found some fantastic ThingsToDillyDally about! It's IMPRESARIO 2009! This is a nation-wide talent search competition comprising of Vocal - Solo, Duet, Group, Dance - Group (Min 2 pax), Original Composition (Lyrics / Music). The tag line reads "Dream Big, Take The Stage", something that is rather true; if you are constantly dreaming about it, why not give it a try? No harm.
Worst Scenario: Flop the audition.
Most Optimistic Scenario: >S$10,000 worth of prizes, cash and fame + possibility of being talent-spotted and... (wow your whole life will be different haha)
Are you already dreaming about it? Then, TAKE THE STAGE!
FYI, we don't really get a publicity fee for this post but would just like to share this with those who love to sing/dance/compose. Use this as a step board to share that love with everyone out there! :D
Tell us if you're participating! :)

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